Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shooting Digi!

First thought on shooting a digital DSLR is tat "it is weird!". Having the immediate feedback is great but it also shows you what garbage your shooting straight off. There is no false hope of what the captures are, you see the crap your shooting immediately. It is much easier to see what changes in shutter speeds and f-stops do, you can play and get the exact effect your after. You folks out there in Internet land know all of this but for me a lifetime film shooter this is all a bit jarring.

One thing I really love about digi is the possibility of shooting in very low light situations. My camera the Canon 5D Mark ll is an older model but still greatly out performs what I can do with pushed Tri-x. I shot at ASA 2000 several times yesterday. The ability to change ASA as you go, to have auto focus and see what's happening quickly allows for the ultimate in quick photography of people. I still am using the manual on the camera which allows me to control light better but is a bit slower. Another great thing is you do not run out of film at the wrong moments! Something that happened to me several times with the Rollie today.

So far I am having fun with digi camera but still love the look and feel of film much better.