Friday, March 11, 2016

5 More Pairs Of Rubber Safety Boots To Donate

The great folks I work with at my plant gave me another five pairs of used rubber safety boots to donate to the families in the dump. Three of those pairs are almost brand new, hardly used at all. The other two are a size 9 which show some use but might might fit the people in the dump better and a size 11.

I decided on a better procedure for my own footwear. I had planned to take the same size 12 Wall-mart non safety boots this trip (bought a new pair) as I did last trip. Trouble is last trip I stepped on a nail and it went straight through the boot into my foot. I thought this time it would be smarter to wear the size 11 used SAFETY boots from work in the dump (they fit fine). If I am going to carry an extra set of boots all the way to Asia for myself it is smarter to lug another pair of safety version type over non safety. I plan to donate my boots in the end anyway so it is better for me to have safety boots when I am working and it's better to donate those size 11 safety boots to a worker in the dump later on as well. The eventual user will also be protected from nails and dropping things on their toes.

I have 3 pairs of safety boots from last time round still at my house here in Edmonton so with the addition of these 5. I could be donating as many as 8 rubber safety boots to the dump! I will also no doubt be buying a bunch of cheap Chinese style boots for people from the Mae Sot market (3 workers asked me to do that last trip).

Anyway, I am quite happy. I just washed down the five boot pairs with soap and water, and dug out the rocks and mud in the soles, everything is looking good! I will pack my 2 carry on bags to the max with boots and hats, hopefully I can take all 8 pairs of boots with me. I hope we can collect some good money at the coming dump fundraiser, not sure the best way to spend that just yet but it will all go to the families. This is going to be great!

Oh yeah : )), hmm got to make some pictures also, need to concentrate a bit on that!

Note* Safety rubber boots have steel toes and a steel metal plate in the sole of the boot to prevent nail punctures.