Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Email To An Edmonton Gallery

Just wrote this to some friends at an Edmonton gallery I have exhibited at before. I thought I would share part of it here as an update on my "The Families of the Dump" and "Forgotten Laughter". Thoughts. Hopefully we can show at this gallery again or at some other Western Canada spaces.

Here is part of the email:


Thanks S-----

Am currently in Bangkok. Will be off to the Mae Sot garbage dump in a few days to make donations and continue my project "Forgotten Laughter" about the Burmese refugee children who work the dump. Almost by accident raised over $1000 plus 80 hats, 7 safety rubber boots, toys and children's clothing to hand out to the families and school. Have two 50lb bags loaded down with the donations in my Bangkok hotel room as I type to you.

Will send you folks a submission of the photo work later. Also want to incorporate found dump objects (bringing stuff back to Canada), video and written blogs in any possible exhibition. I want the viewer to have as 3D an experience as possible. Maybe putting the found dump objects in a glass container of some kind. The idea being the viewer could take off a lid and smell the world the children live in. Want to hit people hard in the gut with the reality these young children face 24/7!!!

Thanks Gerry