Thursday, January 21, 2016

Video Link: New YouTube Video, Dump Child Print, FIne Art Print #1

Here is a HD YouTube video of my first print for "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump". I should have 30 of these printed and matted by the end of the summer, hope hope!
YouTube Link To "Dump Child Print"

- Dump child, Mae Sot Thailand. Part of "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump" photographic series.
- Ilford warmtone fiber paper
- Dectol 1/1 with some potassium bromide added for warmth
- Durst 1200 condenser enlarger
- Basic exposure 63 seconds at f 8 at grade #3
- Dodge top of head -38 seconds
- Burn with mask shirt +75 seconds
- Tri-x negative made with a Rolleiflex and Rolleinar #1

6th attempt, Dump Child, "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump"