Friday, January 29, 2016

Small Prints On eBay! Why Not!

I decided since I am going to make up a small 8x10 photo of the young dump girl for Paul in England, I would also go ahead and make 2 or 3 extras. I will then try to sell these extra prints for $49 USD on eBay. Not a lot of money but why not give it a try. If I sell one single print it would pay for approximately 3 nights in a Mae Sot hotel and 1 or 2 transports to the dump. I could also use the money to pay for more food bags to give out, more money means more rice etc for the "Families of the Dump".

I will be back in Mae Sot soon, need to make a bit of extra money to pay for things now. I might not sell anything but the cheap price and good cause might lure a few people in. It cannot hurt to try. Since I am printing for Paul, I will print a few possible eBay sales as well.