Monday, January 18, 2016

Bought A Rolleinar #3 Close Up Lens For My Rolleiflex F2.8

Not sure how but I think I lost one of my Rolleinar (the #2) close up lens this week. Never shot one picture with the darn thing and now it's gone, must have fallen out of my camera bag some how. In Asia last trip I used the Rolleinar #1 extensively allowing me to get in closer and do some nice portraits. I loved this little add on piece to my Rollie and I was eager to give the #2 version a try next trip.

Today while looking to buy a replacement #2 I found a excellent + condition #3 close up Rolleinar at a sort of reasonable price of $200 USD. I bought it, so I can now can do super closeups with the Rolleiflex F2.8. Not sure how I will use this new piece of equipment. Possibly will shoot details of the garbage, extreme closeups of hands etc.

I will need to buy a replacement #2 Rolleinar if I cannot find the one I lost. Bonehead move on my part, I need to be more careful with my camera gear. One benefit of this fiasco, while looking for a replacement #2, I bought the binocular focusing device and a Rolleinar #3. Maybe the photo gods wanted me to go down this path, so forced my hand. I might be able to make some important negs with these new tools. Hope, Hope!

Rolleiflex Rolleinar #3, Bay 3 Closeup lens

Update* Found my Rolleinar #2!!!! It was in another camera bag, a bag I had taken earlier to work and then returned to the darkroom before taking a second bag. DUH!!! a stupid mistake. At least I did not lose the darn thing, it would have cost $225 USD plus shipping and taxes to replace. More importantly now I can make photos with it. I am very excited by those possibilities.

The weird result of all of this as mentioned earlier I got the Rolleinar #3 and the Binocular leather hood device as a result of the temporary #2 loss. Will I make better negs with these? Important negs? Regardless am quite relieved to have found my #2, now I can relax and happily print this week.

Another good thing to come out of this is that I will now be VERY VERY careful with my Rolleinar lens, all 3 of them. Ain't losing one of these things again!