Sunday, January 24, 2016

200 Rolls Of 120mm Tri-x And 2 Rolleiflex's?

Thinking of going all in with the Rolleiflex and not taking 35mm gear or film with me next trip. I still have to shoot the 5x7, so that would give me 2 camera formats not 3.  I would shoot the 5x7 mostly with the 120mm lens and 2 Rolleiflex F bodies with 3 Rolleinar's for close up focusing. I might take as many as 200 rolls of 120mm Tri-x with me.

If I do go this way the fact I accidentally bought 2 Rollei Fs a while back could turn into a huge huge positive. Sometimes screw ups can turn out well! Who knew?
 Accidently Bought 2 Rollei Fs