Wednesday, January 20, 2016

30 Matted Show Prints

Have set myself a printing goal. I want to make 30 11x14 prints matted to 16x20 and store in archival black boxes. I will use the prints when I go to DC3 Art Projects and possibly other galleries to promote the work. I believe I have 30 quality negs, so I think this is something that can be reasonably be achieved. All I need to do is bare down and do the work!

I have 200 sheets of 11x14 warm tone Ilford Fiber ready to use, if that is not enough To get the job done. I hope to complete the job by the end of the summer. Of course in a few months I will be in Thai again making photographs which will slow down this whole printing project, it is also bound to give me more good negs to print. Who knows maybe there will be 50 prints in 5 boxes. :))