Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Grant Try, Spinning My Wheels?

Was going to submit a "Travel Grant" request to the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC). I found out tonight I was not eligible so went in a different direction. I applies for a "Micro Grant". This grant request is for $1000. Maybe I can get it but I have serious doubts. To many NO WAYS, in the past 4 or 5 years grant wise I guess. Sort of feel beaten down by it all.

It seems not many people in the arts community care to much for my project "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump" If they say no to me yet again, I will just work more security shifts, extra hours to pay my own way. One way or the other these photos are going to be made, nothing is going to stop me. I need to tell this story, need to educate and communicate the lives of the children in the dump to others. Regardless of how the arty farty folks who run the galleries and give out the grants feel about these photographs, this work will be completed.