Friday, January 22, 2016

Links: "Inside Scoop" Submission Workshop

Had a very nice free workshop last night. The event was given by a public art gallery in St. Albert near my home, the Art Gallery of St. Albert, AGSA (see link).

Art Gallery of St. Albert, AGSA
  The work shop was called "Inside Scoop" and dealt with the best ways to make submissions to galleries like the AGSA. Many tips and ideas were put forward by the gallery staff and curator, it was a wonderful and helpful learning experience. I will use many of their suggestions  in my future submissions, can't hurt me and it might help lots!!

I plan on submitting work from "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump" and possibly a second submission of "My Fathers Last Days" (dads fight with pancreatic cancer) to the AGSA.

Here is a link to their submission requirements for you out there also interested in submitting work. The gallery is quite large, very professional, and pays CARFAC artist fees. Highly recommended! The deadline for this years submission is March 12, try to get your work in early!