Friday, January 29, 2016

Print For Filters Deal

Had an unusual request today that I am going to take up. I was interested in 2 small 43mm filters on eBay from a seller named Paul in England (he lives near Manchester). Paul asked if instead of paying for the two filters if I would instead make him up a 8x10 print of the photograph below.

I decided to go ahead and do it. The filters with shipping are valued at only around $36 CAD. I would have to print up the photo and then ship it to him, he would ship me the filters. I will not make any money on this deal, heck might lose some but it just seems right.

Paul really likes the photo, I want to spread the word of the "Familes of the Dump" so it makes sense to do this. I gave Paul a bit of history on the girl in the picture, plus a video I made back in the dump in 2013. It also seems right to be getting the 2 filters for the photo, which I will take with me in April back to the dump to use. This picture is helping to spawn more important photographs.
2013 Mae Sot Garbage Dump Video

Young girl in dump garbage, Mae Sot 2015