Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fine Art Print #4, Dump Girl Child

Am thinking of using this image as the opening shot in my"Forgotten Laughter: Children of the Dump" submission to galleries. The idea would be to include this image followed by a dumpscape of where the child lives, then another young child, and a second dumpscape home image. I want to counter point the vulnerability of the child with their appalling living conditions.

Here is the first attempt at this key project photograph. I need to lighten the arm, just made a dodging tool for that and possibly darken the face a bit.

- Dump child, Mae Sot Thailand. Part of "Forgotten Laughter: The Children of the Dump" photographic series.
- Ilford warmtone fiber paper.
- Dectol 1/1 for 3 minutes.
- Saunders LPL diffusion enlarger.
- Basic exposure  seconds 120 seconds at f8 (el Nikkor 80mm lens) at grade #4.5 (multigrade head)
- Dodge face hair -50 seconds with larger round tool.
- Dodge arm -50 seconds with larger round tool, spread.
- Dodge right hand -45s with larger round tool.
- Burn mask, whites on background and girls dress +50 seconds at grade #1.
- Tri-x negative made with a Rolleiflex and Rolleinar #1