Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Several Possible Workshops

I have several possible teaching photography workshops lining up. Hope some of these come through, it has been a rather slow year for workshops.

I have interest for another workshop from an old friend and student Stu along with a gentleman from Calgary and another from far far off Atlanta Georgia. The man from Atlanta has friends here so he would come to Canada and multi task a visit to BC and a workshop in Edmonton. He found out about my work online through YouTube (guess he is a fan of the photography and has watched the videos multiple times).

Not sure if any of these 3 workshop teaching possibilities will come through. If any do thou its a good thing. I can help promote the beauties of film photography and as a side make a bit of money to buy film for my own work. I would like to buy 100 or so rolls of 120mm Tri-x for my next trip. Teaching more workshops leads to wins all round!