Thursday, September 22, 2016

Help From David Burnett

Yesterday I sent an email out to the world class photojournalist David Burnett. I asked him to help me me with attaching a reflex viewfinder to my Speed Graphic Kodak Aero Ektar camera. On initially researching the camera I had found an online photo of Mr. Burnett's holding his. Today less then a day later he was kind enough to help me. He sent an email with details on the finder he used and the photo shop where I could get the necessary parts made to add it to the back of my camera.

The ironic part of this story is that in the first or one of the first photo mags I ever owned (Photo Life? American Photographer?) there was a story on a young photographer named David Burnett. At the time this article had a big influence on me. I remember thinking "I want to make those kinds of pictueres." Occasionally through the years I would stumble on something other written about Mr. Burnett which I would eagerly read. Now after all those years of knowing about this guy only through magazine stories I reach out to him for help and he responds the very next day. I guess I was right to admire and be influenced by him. Thanks David for your help, your a great guy!

David Burnett and his speedgraphic with Aero Ektar lens.