Friday, September 23, 2016

Email: Music Man?

Sent an email to a friend this afternnoo, here is snippet from it:

With a rediscovery of Dupree's music I have been pulled back into the world of Jazz, a place I left in my late 20s. I bought a traditional record player (Vinyl) off Amazon and am listening to those beautiful rich sound in my darkroom. I pulled all my old albums out of storage, and have been buying Monk, Dextor Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane and Miles Davis (the last 2 Sonny's favs). Wondrous sounds filled with so much emotion and feeling, This is real music for me that connects on a personal level. I would compare it with the social documentary photography I try to do, about real lives and basic universal truths. It seems so simple but that hides its immense complexity.

Been thinking lately of learning (finally) a musical instrument. I have studied accordion and drums in my lifetime but those instruments never really connected with my heart. I am now thinking SAXOPHONE..there is a melancholy and beauty in the voice of that instrument I really love. I think it might be a bit easier for a beginner to start out on. I tried playing a trumpet back when I was in Oakland at Sonny's place (he owned one) and could not make a sound!!! Would take years of effort but learning the sax could add so much to a persons personal growth. It might also help the photographic growth. It would also just be simply relaxing, fun and rewarding.

You told me you wanted to learn an instrument before you died, what would that be? What type of music would you want to play? With what instrument would you play?

Note* Not sure how feasable this would be, but it would certainly be fun to try.
Alto Sax, there are also tenor, soprano, baritone bass versions
Check out the LOW sounding baritones here:
Baritone, Bass Saxophone Duet
Soprano, Bass Saxaphone Duet