Saturday, May 30, 2015

You Gotta Love Leica Rangefinders

Of all the cameras I have and, and I have many my favourites are my Leica 35mms. The last cameras I would ever give up would be the Leica M6s and their great, sharp, fast lens. Truly beautiful tools.

Maybe I should dump all my other gear and just shoot my Leica's I think I am really starting to talk the talk with these tools. The cameras seem like they are becoming extensions of my thought process. That's the goal right? To put your thoughts, your feelings on film, your hear and emotions on film.

Leica and Tri-x in D-76, a staple combination for decades of strong photojournalism!!

I need to do more work with Tri-x pushed to 800 and given STAND development. It creates a haunted strong effect, that leads to compelling photographs. For years I was afraid to shoot Tri-x pushed, but now I need to go forward in that manner, unafraid.