Thursday, May 28, 2015

Large Worlds Versus Small Worlds

After seeing the larger than life Salgado documentary movie yesterday along with reviewing the large world that Mary Ellen Mark inhabited, life here in Edmonton seems so tiny. I had a rather intense email discussion recently with a fellow I went to high school with. His life is sort of by the books almost a snapshot of the the ideal 50s TV show lifestyle. He has a good job as a teacher, he has 2 children and had a wife (divorced), he works, he spends time with his family and he watches hockey and movies. That's about it! I guess to many that is an ideal type life, the normal life. Your born, you go to school, you get a job, you marry, you have kids, you are happy in your marriage or you get divorced, you get old, you become a grand dad, suffer a few years in advanced old age, then you die. That's basically how those things go. There has to be more to life than that? Doesn't there? It just seems all so small, so small world, compared to the lives of Salgado or Mark.

The ideal to me seems to be to try to live a larger than life, life. Even if you fall on your ass your still going to see things and experience things few of your peers do. Imagine what things Salgado has seen in his life, or Mary Ellen Mark, wow, those experiences those lives that's really living a large life. Those two have gone beyond the small world, average Joe existence. Gone beyond the by the books rather simple and boring lives of most folks live. They have pushed the envelope, lived life to its fullest!!!!!