Friday, May 29, 2015

Epitath? "Ain't Photography Grand!"

Am thinking (not sure yet) of using the "Ain't Photography Grand!" thingy as a epitaph to put on my gravestone. I might be buying the stone early (hopefully early!!) in the next year or so. I have a grave already next to my father and mother but still need to buy the stone. These things are very expensive and I figure why not buy it early to save money, later on it might cost $2-300 or more.

Seeing your name on a grave might also INSPIRE and DRIVE you.  It might help me push myself to use the time I have left better, more productively. Seeing my name there on that black marbel with everything but the death date on it should be pretty freaky deaky! It will tell me. Time is running out Gerry! Time is running out!! Get your ass in gear!!!

I will have my real  name and also my photo name GERRY YAUM on the monument (they call them that at the cemetery stone store, sounds so grand!). I decided it was proper to put 2 names on the stone just in case someday someone wants to find either of the names I use. My father had 2 first names, he put both on his stone so I am following his lead there.