Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Ever First Birdie!

Today in golf after a 12 1/2 hour sleep and no breakfast I shot the best round of my life! I was only playing a par 3 course but I managed to hit my first ever birdie, the first of my lifetime. On the par 3 156 yard 6th hole I hit a 5 hybrid just off the green, I and then holed out a 20-25 footer off the pin and in with the putt.

There were a number of birdie attempts on the day, many 4s a few 3s and no worse than a 5. I think on the day I must have hit more than 5 greens maybe as many as 7 which is very good for me. Probably played 27+ holes as I was often playing 2 and even 3 balls. A great workout, I am quite sore right now. Tomorrow need to get back on the bike thou and do 20km plus. Every bit helps me get into better shape for the coming Asian trip.

*After the game went to a local Thai restaurant and had some food, spoke Thai to the waitress who was from Issan province in Thailand. She was quite excited that I knew the area she lived and spoke some Thai. Language ability is always a great way to make friends.