Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paul Strand Shoots A Graflex

One of my all time favourite photographers, Paul Strand used a Graflex. I love Strand's portraiture. I knew he used a 5x7 Graflex that he cropped on the ground glass to 5x6 (his preferred format size) but in one of these photos he is also using what looks to me like a 4x5 Graflex. I found one link that says he also used a 8x10 Graflex.

I keep reading and hearing how great these camera's are for portraiture, maybe I stumbled onto something here. If I can do good handheld 4x5 portraits, buying this camera could turn out great. I might be able to use this camera through out Asia. Strand traveled the world with his 5x7 Graflex, why can't I do Asia with my 4x5? Will see how it goes, but I am definitely more and more excited, after researching Graflex's history, operation and seeing the pictures made with them.

Here are some links to a Strand retrospective:
Paul Strand Modern Master Of Photography, Exhibition Trailer

Update: found this on, thanks Mark.

Mark Sampson, Sep 29, 2003; 08:25 a.m.
Paul Strand used a 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex. He masked the film gate and ground glass down to about 5x6" to achieve his idea of perfect image proportions.
5x7 Graflex Home Portrait SLR, 1912-1942
Paul Strand with Graflex, 5x7?
Paul Strand with Graflex
Paul Strand with Graflex, 5x7?
Paul Strand with 4x5 or smaller Graflex
Portrait by Paul Strand
Strand's 5x7 Graflex with Goerz Dagor lens