Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photo Idea: Wacky Stereo Camera Photo Show?!

Have had a weird and wacky idea over the last few weeks. A exhibition of large Stereographic photos! The idea would to shoot stereo images with some kind of stereo camera, then enlarge them big. I would show the work in an exhibition with some kind of stereo viewer device. Separate eyeglasses? A frame mounted super viewer of some kind? That the person would just up to and and look through? Some kind of plastic plastic box handheld type viewer. Not sure how any of it would work. I just think it would be a lot of fun and could produce a fun show. As always more WACKY thought needed on this possible project.

Update: Just had another idea variation for this possible project. What about doing the work digitally? Fuji has a 3D digital camera, maybe other manufacturers have them as well. If I did the photos digitally then the way to view things could be on a large screen 3D screen (viewers could wear the 3D glasses). I could just do up a slide show of 40-50 images or so and have people stand in front of a TV with glasses and see everything in 3 dimensions. It might be an interesting show dynamic to have something like that, thou I am guessing the older analog style of doing it might be more fun for folks.