Saturday, May 30, 2015

Printing Dad In Sunlight

Am back in the darkroom tonight (finally!). I am working on the dad stripped light portrait. I will need 2 of these as both the Open Alberta 2015 exhibition and my Rosebud exhibition will need prints. I was hoping I could use the same print in both shows but they overlap so I need to print, mount and frame 2 photographs.

I have 2 prints made up so far, but need to refine and continue to print the image until I get it just right. I have a print that is dry in the darkroom now, I will go back and see how I can improve on it. Trying not to use up to much photo paper but I need to get this pic just right. It is a difficult neg to print as it has deep thin shadow areas and blown out over exposed sections where the beams of light are hitting dads face and the pillow behind him. I want to keep the bright contrast range of the image, yet bring down the highlights some what but not too much. I think the contrasty high key parts of the photo are quite strong, where its strength lies, so I do not want to lose them.

Here is a photo of the 3rd attempt I have made with negative at the 16x20 size. I did one a few weeks back and 2 more tonight. I will probably make up 2 or 3 more tonight, I think I am close to getting the image I envisioned. I printed the highlights on the face down with a mask and a lower grade filter. The print received a grade 3 filter, the mask and highlights a grade 1 filter burn.

Update* I ended up printing 2 more of these photos. I think I got the 2 prints I need now for the 2 shows. If I need one more I can print it up fairly easy as I have the masks cut and have the exposures figured out. I will move onto another dad neg for the Rosebud show next. I think one of the tight movement emotion photos from the dad magazine.
Flipping Through Dad Magazine

Dad in the barred light and blanket, he looks trapped in his body. A sad and difficult image for me to print.