Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shooting The Graflex RB 4x5 Super D Possible?

I am getting the feeling that as long as the camera is operational (shutter?), this thing might be a possible shooting camera. One of the features that I like so far about the images I have seen made with this camera 190mm lens combination is the bokeh (there is that word again!). The possible close up handheld focusing on 4x5 sheet film is also intriguing. Who knows buying this thing may not be a mistake, sometimes your own incompetence can result in good photography.

Maybe my goal should be to try to get a exhibition made of negs shot entirely with this camera, that might be cool! What about something different (for me) and simple like landscape tree shots.

Here are some more photos I found made with a Graflex RB 4x5 Super D online:

Link to the site below by photographer Don Lam:

Note* The Graflex RB made photos below are by Don Lam.

The camera has a max focal plane shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second.
Close up had held portraits possible? Tripod needed?