Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Workshop And New Digital Camera

I have another work shop scheduled for Sunday, this will be an advanced darkroom class for $180. Stu is coming back in to do more film development and printing, it should be a fun day. I will invest the money either in the coming photo trip to Asia or into the purchase of a high end digital camera, thinking of the Canon Mark II 5D. There is a Mark 3 ($3300) now on the market so the older Mark 2s are going for around $1000 USD. Still not sure I will buy a high end digital but am thinking strongly that I will. Mostly because I can shoot dad with it and it will allow me to earn extra money to fund my personal documentary photography. Commercial work needs to be done digitally these days.

If I get the camera I will try to convert the b/w documentary digi files back to film so I can print them in the darkroom. I much prefer the look and feel of a darkroom print compared to stuff that comes out of a printer.

With the new digi I should be able to do the following.

1) shooting in low light, I should be able to get another 3 stops out of this camera
2) shoot the colour project on gay sex tourists and their Thai boyfriends
3) photograph dad with a high end digi before its to late
4) allow me to do commercial shoots in Canada to make extra money
5) shoot a 24mm F1.4 which I cannot afford with my Leica's as it's a $7000 lens, the Canon version will be $1000-$1200.

Canon EOS Mark II 5D