Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Will Ask For 6 Months

After we lose dad I plan on asking work for a 6 month leave. I will need to run away for a while and regroup, taking photos and fulfilling my vow to dad to try to do a photo book is the best way. I am not sure if work will give me a leave, maybe not, if not I will take my 7 week vacation time, come back to work on saving enough money to allow me to quit and do the 6 month trip eventually.

I will need to just get away to deal with dads loss, the only way I know how to do that will be to make pictures. Doing photography has always pulled me through all of lives bad moments, hopefully it will work this time, it will be the biggest test.

Tomorrow I when I meet dad I will tell h I'm about my idea. I have taken longer trips to Thai, in 1999 I was there for 10 months and in 2003 1 year so a 6 month trip is not quite so long. Making some important pictures and then getting them published in a real book with a dedication to my father is a life goal now. I will keep at it until I am gone, failure is not an option.