Saturday, August 30, 2014

Link: Daido Moriyama Documentary "Near Equal"

Here is a fun documentary on the current photographer I am studying Mr Daido Moriyama. You have got to love the simplicity of his approach, such simple tools whether it is the camera he uses or his darkroom.

Like always it comes down to your vision, your feeling, your creative statement not the gadgets and gear you use. Moriyama like so many great artists sees with his heart and brain first everything else is secondary. It is fascinating to listen to him describe what photography is, what a photograph is, the mans mind works in such a unique way. Watching a doc like this expands your thinking, it opens doors to what really is possible in photography. This is is all very exciting.

I need to put more abstraction, more randomness into my pictures, let shutter click and the creativity flow. Lets throw all rules out the window, there are no more rules, lets begin to see at a purer more basic and truer level.