Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Light That Shines

While driving back from dads tonight I kept thinking of him and what he his going through, then of the Cambodian migrants scammed and stranded in Thai, then of the girls working the brothels along the Thai border and of the Burmese families of the dump. All those faces, came flooding in.

I kept on thinking how unimportant I am compared to all of this, how trivial my problems really are. The stories behind these peoples lives and the worlds they live in are what I want to communicate through my photography. Gerry Yaum is a fabrication, a made up name of an imaginary person of no consequence. The people thou, the subjects in the photographs are of incredible importance, they're stories need to be told, their lives, their faces need to be seen and remembered.

My roll in all of this is to shine a bit of light onto those lives, to tell those stories and communicate their messages.