Monday, August 25, 2014

Canon 24mm F1.4 II

Am bidding on a 24mm F1.4 Canon II lens. After seeing the great work my friend Larry Louie does with this lens over the last 5 years or so I had to get one for the Mark II. This is the last gear item I will be buying for quite a while. These lens retail from around $1100 to $1400 USD used and around $1650-$2000 USD new.

I was thinking of buying a new lens but this one is in great mint shape so made an offer. Will see how it goes, I have finished 2nd on 3 different auctions for the lens over the last 2 weeks.

Here is a video of the actual lens I am trying to buy.

Update: I finally got the lens today after trying in several auctions. I paid a bit more than I wanted to but this lens is in mint condition, cost is $1249 USD plus shipping. I will use this baby to death wight the Mark II 5D and then with the Mark III later on. Plan on taking with me on the next trip to Asia. I can use it to do colour work on the tourist, worker relationship project discussed earlier. I will also use the lens and camera in very low light situations at F1.4 2000, 3200 and maybe 6400 where I cannot shoot film. This camera lens combination will give me more shooting options thou printing digitally is still a bit of a downer, maybe that will grow on me.