Friday, August 15, 2014


Dad has not been doing to well the last few days. I need to spend much more time with him this next week off, I am not sure how much time we have left with him. Dad has the will and spirit to live on, he wants to do so many more things in his life but his body is letting him down. He told me he would like to cook for the family,make some pyrogies or bake some bread. He would like to work out in the yard or go for a walk but he can do none of that now.

I wish I could give him some of my good health, some of my energy, give him a year or two of my time so that he could do what he wants to do. It is so unfair, dad worked his whole life earning money to provide for his wife and children. He worked hard until he was almost 80 years old. Then just after he quits and stops worrying about work he only has 1 year and a bit of time off before they find he has cancer. He deserves to have some time to just to lay around and enjoy life, he has earned that privilege. I wish I could give him that extra time, but I can't.