Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dad Yesterday

Here is a photo I took in my few minutes with dad last night. I try to photograph dad everyday, this shot is a bit underexposed it was the first of 8 or 9. I corrected the exposure for the later photos but the best picture was this one.

I had to rush to get to work on them and I could only speak to dad a bit last night, I told him about my day and what had been happening. He just looked up at me, smiled a bit and did not say much. It must be so hard to watch your life slowly drift away. Everyday driving to work after visiting my father he is all I can think of. He did everything for my sister and I, I wish so much that I could do more for him now, anything more would be good, anything at all.

Maybe I should stop taking his photo but he wants me to continue, he never stops me and helps out with the pictures as best he can. Earlier he told me that taking the photos were a good thing. The photography is my way to deal with his loss, my way of expressing my love for him. I will check again this week to make sure dad is OK with the photography. If he asks me to stop photographing him I will stop immediately. These photos are in a way the last conversation we will ever have, and I will be able to talk with him through them after he is gone.

I like the digital shots better in colour now than when I convert them to b/w. Film and real photo paper has a better feel in b/w but I think digital wins hands down for colour photos. The digital camera has allowed me the best of both these worlds, I am very happy I bought one. I will shoot my colour photography with digital and my b/w stuff on film.

Dad Mark II 24-70mm set around 50mm, August 15 2014