Saturday, August 9, 2014

Digital Photography More Freeedom To Create

The automatic feedback you get with digital is liberating, it allows for quick shooting and results, an evaluation and reshooting, a freeing of expression. Basically you see things quickly and experiment, play and have fun making pics, leading to a fluidity to make more and more photographs. You see your successes and failures immediately with digi not 1 week later or years later with film. I love this aspect of digital photography.

I think this camera is going to work great for my attempts at colour and adding movement to my imagery. I am very happy I bought the Mark II now, digital photography is a better experience than I expected. I think I may have stumbled into the best of both worlds here. I can do fun colour work with the digi and continue to do all my b/w work with film cameras. Luckily the failed work portrait job that was offered led me down the path to buy this camera. I am very excited by the possibilities awaiting me in Asia, this camera and the extra freedom should produce some strong photographs.