Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Digi Shots Of Dad

The first thing I learned with this new camera was working with digital files direct from the camera and not scanned negs changes things up a bit in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I need to learn Lightroom I think to do the bit of editing I do with my files. I will never collage images but a bit a dodging and burning is always necessary (or whatever they call it in the digi world).

Here is a pic I did of Dad a couple of hours, did my best with it, converted it to b/w and fooled around a bit in an amateur way. I need to get a lot better at digital editing. I already feel like I miss film! Need to use the strengths and weaknesses of digi and film then play to those to make the most powerful imagery I can. I just want to tell stories, who gives a flying f-ck what tools you use to get there! Use what works the best and then make pics! That is all that matters.

Dad shot today with the Mark II 5D and the 24mm - 70mm.
I will use the digi camera to photograph dad (along with film cameras) and for colour work in Asia, then we will see how things progress or degrees. I can always still sell this gear and get back a fairly decent chunk of cash (especially for the lens which will hold its value).