Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bought A High End Digital Camera!

Well I finally caved and bought a high end digi camera. I got a great mint condition Canon Mark II 5D along with a 24mm-70mm F2.8 zoom for $2250 CAD (no GST or shipping costs). I was able to get a bit of a discount from the seller who originally wanted $2390. The seller was a nice reasonable fellow who just did not have time to use the camera anymore, he had bought it New from McBain Camera a couple of years ago.

This new tool to the arsenal is in mint shape works great and has very low milage. I will probably shoot it to death over the next few years before updating it to the Mark III when Larry sells his and moves up to the Mark IV.

My main reason for getting this camera was I wanted to photograph dad with a high end digi before it was to late to do so. I felt I was on a time limit and decided to get the camera sooner than later to do the digi work with dad while I still could. I talked to dad a little while ago about whether he wanted me to  do a photo of him in his coffin. We had been looking at some photos in some old albums and came across a coffin photo of his older brother. I am always uncomfortable shooting stuff like that so asked dad if he wanted me to (sort of a Ukrainian tradition I guess) and he said it would be nice if I did a few shots. I also thought of that conversation when I was thinking about buying this digi, now I will use this new camera for those sad photographs. I will not have to carry in a 4x5 or anything of that nature to the funeral home when they have the body on display for family viewing. It will be an extremely hard time for the family so I just want to follow dads wishes, mourn and move away.

The second reason I bought it was to do the colour Thai project on gay sex tourist and their Thai boyfriends. I want to shoot the project in colour and when it comes to colour work the digi world is king, working in the darkroom with colour film and prints is a real pain in the ass.

Hopefully I did not made a mistake buying this new gear, thought about this over and over again until my head hurt. After not taking the work portrait job it was doubtful I would get a digi. Then I thought of dad and thought of this being my last opportunities to photograph my father, so I went for it, it became a no brainer. Luckily I met a decent fellow who takes care of his equipment and sold to me at a reasonable price.

I think this is a good thing. I can photograph dad, I can work in colour again easily and I got a good camera/lens in great condition at a decent price. I will of course continue to do 80-90% of my work on film including all of my b/w photos. If I can find a way to convert digi files to b/w film I will also try printing some of the Mark II stuff in the darkroom. Film photography has always been and will always be my first love but it is important to not be limited in our approach to new technologies. We must keep an open mind to all approaches, to all things. Using only digital cameras is rigid thinking and using only film cameras is rigid thinking, a combination of both formats depending on what your shooting is the best approach. If buying this latest tool will help me speak more fluently then great, if not I can sell it all in a few years.

I still have to buy one item the 24mm F1.4, which will be about another $1100 or $1150 (CAD). Not sure when I will do this, it might be better to hold off for a while.

Update* I should mention I also got 1 battery, 1 charger, the original box, instructions, cds and 1-32 GB (fast) compact flash card included in the purchase price. I will need to get at least 1 more battery and 1 more compact flash card before going to Asia. In 3 or 4 years when I upgrade to a Mark III hopefully I can sell the Mark II to someone for something. I should be able to continue using the lens with the new camera body.