Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Possible Wet Plate KANATA Truck?

Surfing the net for fun today in my Bangkok hotel room. Mostly over my illness's with only occasional uncontrolled coughing. Every time I think I am done with it all, the crazy coughing starts.

To distract myself I am playing around looking at potential vehicles for the wet plate KANATA project work. Check this one out! I am not sure the bucket thing is a good idea, that it would even be legal or practical but wouldn't it be great to  be able to shoot 16x20 wet plate from higher angles, Edward Burtynsky like. I could shoot over tree lines,  and down from above on some subjects.

2009 FORD LCF COE S/A w/Telelift TTS25 Bucket Truck

Possible Wet Plate Truck