Sunday, March 25, 2018

Making The Wet Plate Work My Own

Today was a day of rest, trying to recover from all the illnesses. Am reading about the life of Van Gogh from several books I got at his museum in Amsterdam. What really comes across is the personalization of his paintings, his own connection to each work is so important. Sometimes with photographs there seem to be a lack of personal connection, more distance.

I was thinking that with the coming of the major wet plate "KANATA" project, the  making of film on plates etc. I could add more of me into the actual emulsions. The glass plates whether in positive or negative form could have more of me in them. I  could add splash lines from water as Kurt M does to add texture to the skies, I could add dust, defects, draw my own lines, sign the work, add thumb prints, whatever, directly on the plates.

These works could be about Canada but also highly personal, intricately connected to me as an artist. Maybe more passion, more depth, more insight, more beauty would be the result.

Thinking needs to be done on this! I will dive into wet plate on my return to Canada. Start mixing all my own chemistry, working from scratch, moving up from 4x5, to 8x10 to 16x20 plate sizes.