Saturday, March 3, 2018

Last 300 Baht Handed Out

Before I handed off the motorbike I raised down to the swamp area of the dump one last time. I had to give Pee Noy his bike back at 730am and was at the dump swamp at about 7am (just down the road from where Pee Noy lives).

I had gathered up the last of my apartment things to hand out. I had all my sauces, my cooking oil, my cleaning soap, my frying pan, my pot, my dishes, my knives and forks,  my little broom, some small towels etc. Basically anything I could find of any value I put into 2 plastic bags to give out to a dump shack home.

On arriving I parked the bike on the paved road then walked off down to the homes which were down near the swamp. There was one main home there that looked semi abandoned. I walked over to the front area of the home dragging the bags with me. As I approached the front I hear the word “Gerry?” I said “Yes”. Then a man came out from underneath the shelter, where he had been sleeping. It was a sad thing, this skinny little man (the father of the family group who lived alone now, see photo) crawls out in the dirt, animal like, dog like. He was completely forgotten and on his own. Gosh to live like that every day, every night. What kind of future can he possibly have? Will this man still be alive on my return to the dump?

He told me he did not have a headlight and could he get a headlight? My headlamp buying days were done, I was leaving and I had no spares to give him. The lamps cost 300 baht each so I reached into my wallet and left him 300 baht, then said goodbye. That 300 baht was the last donation of this trip. A total of $3500 CAD in donation money was raised. I spent $4000 CAD on donation goods and some CASH handouts, so an extra $500 came out of my security guard salary trip savings. The best money I ever spent in my life.