Thursday, March 1, 2018

Handed out The Family Fund Money To I Hope Those Most In Need

I was quite worried about the handing out of the money from the FAMILY FUND ($300 CAD cash donated by a coworker to hand out in CASH). I decided the best way to do things was to put 7000 baht (400 had been handed out earlier) into 14 – 500 baht pink envelopes. Then to hand out those envelopes quick and fast on my last minutes in the main dump picking area.

The idea was to have the money out before everyone realized I was giving out money. I did not want to cause a panic, start people charging about trying to get their piece of the action. Over the last week or so I had been trying to figure out who needed the money most. A sort of priority of need list in my mind.

On the last day I handed out to each group, a head of the family, leading mother or father figure. They included the Win family (boy eating an orange) as well as the Toe family and the extremely poor family (they ended up getting 2 envelopes, one to the older mother and one to the young father). On the last day there was also a brand new family, a very poor family I did not know, I gave them 500 and also 500 to the bride and groom (he had suffered a dog bite and needed medical treatment) and the bride and grooms father-mother.

It all went fairly smoothly with no hiccups. After I had handed out the money, I got on the motorbike and left as quietly as I could.

Cash donated to the families by a coworker (FAMILY FUND)
7000 Baht, 7 piles of 1000
14 pink envelopes of 500 baht each