Sunday, November 22, 2015

Woken Up Thank You's

Every morning when I arrive at the dump the first I do is hand out my food donation bags. Today on my arrival I handed out bags number 11 and 12.

It is usually around 630am when I approach the home and place the food bag quietly in the entrance of the shack. today as normal I did the same. I approached the next home in line for a donation placed the bag in the shack and then turned to walk away.

A man in the next shack down who was already awake came running over to me and insisted on waking up the owner of the shack where I had left the food. He spoke loudly calling out the persons name, the lady was asleep under the mosquito netting. I tried to tell him it was OK and there was no need to wake the person but he did not speak Thai. The lady woke up and when she understood what was going on she gave me a hand held together high wai (thanks for receiving a gift).

I then went to the next home in line and the process was repeated. the  man insisted on waking the second person in the second home as well. That person also gave me a deep respectful wai.

I wish I could have just given the bags away quietly. I do not need applause every time I do the right thing. People do not need to kao to me. The thank you's actually make me rather uncomfortable. Hopefully tomorrow can give away bags number 13 and 14 with a minimum of drama.