Sunday, November 22, 2015

Old Ladyboy Sex Attempt!!

Was almost molested by a ladyboy outside my hotel room in Mae Sot. About as non sexy a situation as I have ever faced. A bit of a nightmare scenario actually, one of those events that later haunt you in your sleep.

I had left my room to tell the front desk that I had no towels in my room. On my return I walked into an old ladyboy of about 60 years old. She had short brown hair (wig) a yellow shirt, with long skirt and wore a Buddha amulet around her neck. Initially I was confused and thought she worked at the hotel. The next thing I knew she approached me, asked where I was staying, if I lived alone and was at my door peering in to my half open door. She had this super creepy voice, an attempt to sound female that did not work at all.

I tried to fend her off when I realized she was not a hotel employee and just a horny person seeking a partner. Just as I was trying to close the door and lock her out of my room she suddenly reached out at my groin (narrowly missing her target) and made a disgusting open mouth slurping sound while looking hungrily down at my pants covered goodies.

Gosh what a nightmare! I said no no, I have someone already and closed the door as quickly as I could. If that would have progressed any farther, it would have been a lifetime nightmare inducing event.