Monday, November 23, 2015


I plan on taking the 5x7 back to Bangkok and shooting in Klong Toey slum and at the boxing gym. I brought 400 sheets of 5x7 film with me this trip and still have over 1/2 left. It is a good thing I did not bring over to Thai my original idea of 500 sheets. Next time I will bring over less sheet film. When your shooting in non studio situations with a view camera the film lasts a lot longer. Shooting is slow, carrying many film holders into the field is difficult etc.

Today I completed my last roll of 40-120mm Tri-x films. The twin lens Rolleiflex is now retired. I will now switch to the Leica 35s as my secondary cameras. I still have about 30 films of the original 75-35mm Tri-x rolls.