Monday, November 23, 2015

So Rewardiing

It is rewarding to help people and to make them happy with your photography. I can still see the smile on the women/mother who I gave the b/w 2013 photo to yesterday morning. She was so excited when I gave her the photo she stopped what she was doing and ran off to show her friends the pic.

In Canada I printed this small photo up at Walmart when I was in Drumheller after the Rosebud show. I almost did not make up this particular print but am so glad I did now. I will try to make up some more for her on my return home. I have some closer smiling head shots of the little girl in my archives. In the photo I gave away the girl looks down and depressed but the mother still loves it. I am really wondering now if this small child is safe. Is she in the dump somewhere? Has she moved away? Is she dead? Maybe this little photo is all the mother has left of her.

Note* The Burmese woman I am writing about her is the same one who asked me to buy rice for the family back in 2013.

Photos #s 6,8 (young girl)and 15 (mother and her 2 children) on this link.