Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Night In Mae La Refugee Camp

The people I met were good people, people of love and faith people who have to a degree overcome the persecution they have suffered for many decades. Still it is important and proper for me to write with all honesty what I felt and thought of as a result of this Karen camp experience.

I am writing this after my recent return from a night in Mae La refugee camp TT picked me up from a restaurant in Mae Sot and drove me along with his wife the 60km to the C region of the camp(bible school). I was in  Mai La from around 4 pm yesterday to around 2pm today.

The many things I saw and felt over that 22 hour period are difficult to write down in a single blog. The thoughts stories and ideas discussed at times very complex and convoluted

The 3 strong truths I came away with were the experience are
1. The people I met have very strong faith in Jesus Christ.
2. The Karen people have a very strong national identity.
3. There is a deep distrust and suspicion to anything Burman (Burmese).

I think I need to write about these takeaways one by one.