Saturday, November 28, 2015

Travel Grant Rejection

Today I got my second travel grant rejection, that makes me 1 for 3 applying for these grants. I will have to pay for documenting the "Families of the Dump" here in Thai 100% on my own, mostly from my security guard paycheck. Still if your art and the people you want to document are important to you and if you feel it is worth it, you simply have to do it, regardless how others feel. Even if those in power think your work is unworthy of financial support you can still do it on your own. I will continue to tell the stories I think are important regardless of the support I receive from Canadian art folk.

Nothing will stop me in the pursuit of my photographic work. Here is a another long list of rejection notes.
Hello Gerry

Thank you for your submission to the Edmonton Arts Council's Travel Grant program on October 1.

The assessment process is complete and, the EAC Board accepted the recommendations of the jury panel.  We will be sending out letters via Canada Post to notify all the applicants of the outcomes in the next week or so.

I regret to advise you that your application was not recommended for support.

There is no reason to respond to this notification - it is a courtesy email to advise you that the process is continuning.  However, the jury articulated some feedback for you.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss that with you at some point later in December, or as you prepare future grant applications.