Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Karen People Have Very Strong Sence Of National Identity

Just as Canadian, American, Cambodian and Thai people, the Karen people have a very strong sense of nationalism. I have always found the idea that one group of people is somehow better than another repulsive, countries and nationalism in my mind creates a negative that causes separation and division. It false concept can also lead to great suffering and pain. What killing, what destruction man has done and justified for country? It is appalling.

Why are we not first thought of as human beings regardless of where we are born? Why would a Karen be superior to a Burman or an American more important than a Iraqi or Vietnamese? We should all be equal to other, all be of the same worth as human beings regardless of borders, maps and past histories. We are human being and all of us of exactly equal worth. To say we are better or worse of more worth or less because of race, country or religion is a damaging falsehood that destroys in So many ways.