Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Photo ED Magazine

Got news that PhotoEd magazine is going to post one of the dump photos in their upcoming Digital Edition Readers Gallery. I attached the filed they need.

Here is there email.


Hi Gerry, 

PhotoED Magazine would love to include your work in our upcoming Digital Edition Readers Gallery! 

Please find attached a screenshot of the selected image as well as a sample caption. Let me know if you would like the caption tweaked, if you would like to provide a new one, and any social media links you would like included. In addition, please send along a 4X6'' HI-RES copy of the selected image to photoeddigital@..,..... no later than Friday, August 3rd


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Update* Here is the version of the file I sent them:

A new edit of the file, "Daughter watching her mother in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand 2018