Thursday, August 2, 2018

Bought Me A Viewsonic Projector

Decided after some advice from my friend Larry last night to go ahead and buy myself a projector. I hope to be able to use it multiple times, doing many talks.

Here is the unit I chose, I paid a little more for the higher quality Veiwsonic PA403W model, the WXGA. I think it should be OK. Plenty of projector units of different types available used on Kijiji but felt going with brand new in this case was the best option. Brighter lamps, better resolution etc. seems to come from the newer model machines. This unit should be a decent quality purchase that I can use for at least 5-10 years. Link To My New Viewsonic Projector

Update* Also picked up a bag for the projector and the necessary cable, adapter to connect it to my MacBook pro (I think!). Just need to finish off my PowerPoint presentation and get me a used stand alone screen of some kind. The cost for all this projection stuff was around $580 CAD.

ViewSonic PA503W 3600 WXGA HDMI Projector