Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mom Doing Better

My moms stay in hospital has helped her. I went to visit her yesterday and she is doing much better. They seem to have figured out her medication situation and are getting her to do lots of activities, colouing, games, movies, music performances church visits etc. Before mom was doing none of that now she seems much better.  She is still suffering from dementia but is much more manageable now. Yesterday I had a long normal conversation with her, it was WONDERFUL!

I will go visit her again on Friday and will also speak to her social worker. I believe they will release her back home on August 29th. There will be homecare provided of some kind, also we will arrange for her to go to do activities at the nearby elder center. I think the more mom interacts with people the better.

I hope her condition does not deteriorate to much when she returns home. The doctor told me that happens fairly often with patients in their care. In the hospital they do well, at home not as well.