Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Facebook: Post About The Penticton Exhibition

An updated picture and info about the "Families of the Dump" exhibition at the Penticton Art Gallery. Communicating with the folks at the gallery now getting all the logistics worked out. This is a step up in gallery class for me, more money all round which makes the task a lot easier, especially on a security guards pay.
I am trying to figure out how much I can give back to the families. everything is so expensive, spent over $1500 on various printing supplies in the last few days. I intend to at least give the speaking honorarium back to the families, that is $150, hopefully can do more. I might be doing a back to back talk (45minutes each) with Greg C the world level photographer and Ted Talk person who is also being exhibited. That is a bit intimidating. I feel like I am an average welterweight in the ring with a hungry George Forman. Will so my best, cannot do better than that.
In the new updated Penticton Art Gallery listing they included my lousy poem in the intro to the show. If your interested in visiting the gallery and seeing the exhibition, there is more info n the link
Here are the details and the poem...

Children Of The Dump
Flies buzzing in the sunshine
Garbage and long toil
Giggles with quick laughter
Playing with barking dogs
Broken glass and sweet hugs
Found food but lost school
Stomach worms and stinking waste
Rats running with the rice
Yet new hope and new life
Children of the dump.