Sunday, August 5, 2018

Video-Facebook: PAG Show Print

    Am trying to print the neg of the image the PAG chose to put on their web advertisement. Figured I better make it since they chose it. Trying to make it warmer and more moody. This is attempt number 2, usually takes me print 5 to 8 to get it right.

    The pic is of 2 sisters on the edge of the garbage dumpsite, where their families live and work. made in late 2015. Later on I photographed the older child after her head was shaved. Lice is a big problem in the dump,as are rats, cockroaches, wild dogs (bite sometimes)etc.

    Tech stuff: 5x7 TRI-X neg shot on a Linhof with 120mm lens. Ilford Warmtone FB 16x20, Dectol 1/1 3 minutes, Durst 8x10 colour head enlarger. Basic exposure 25 seconds f5.6 Magenta 15 with a dodge of -7 seconds to top girls face and -12 seconds on their hands. Burn shirt with mask +10 seconds burn each edge +10 second with card. The next attempt will go to f8 and a basic exposure if 45 seconds.

    The scanned image on the PAG website