Sunday, July 15, 2018

Quote: Conversation Between Actor-Game Show Host Richard Dawson And His Mother

During his retirement speech of his show 'Family Feud' Mr. Richard Dawson told this wonderful story about an important conversation he had with his mom. As a young boy in 1945 he saw troops of all colors leaving his town in England on D-day. Young Richard had never seen people of different races in his English home town before, he asked his mother.

"Is there something wrong?" his mother said "No! God makes people you understand that, don't you?" he said "Yeah" she said "Who makes a rainbow?" Young Richard said "God." Richard's mother then told him "I would never presume to tell anyone that can make a rainbow, what color to make children." Dawson then said "And she changed my whole life with that statement."

The Entire Goodbye Speech

More mothers should have talks with there children like that.